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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Faith Journey - Part 1

God's been taking me on this crazy 'Faith Journey'. One month has felt like one year and I've been in this pressure cooker of fighting for what the Lord has spoken to me. Do you ever feel like you really heard God on something... but the more you think about it and chat with people the confidence you had at first starts to 'wear off'. I've come to realize that no one else will be as aggressive in pursuing what God has spoken to your heart as you would be. When He's called you to something--- you must persevere, you must keep faith, you must continue in prayer to see the fulfillment of what God has promised! There's no easy way to go about it--- it's all your tears, prayers and purest ambition that keeps you going full throttle after what you know is God's will for you! You do your part, God will do the rest.

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