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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dream Big

‘Towards the end of his life Jesus prayed this prayer, ‘(Father,) I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.’ His Father had sent Him into time and space to accomplish specific objectives. He knew what they were, and He completed them. The entire work of reaching the world was not accomplished at His death, but Jesus understood that He was not sent to do everything. Much of the Father’s mission would be carried on and completed by the church he would leave behind. But, for the time being, His specific role as Son and Messiah was complete.’
-The Old Testament Template, Landa Cope

I’ve started reading Landa Cope’s book, The Old Testament Template. I’m only about 20 pages into it because there is so much information and challenging concepts that I can only read a few pages each day. This is the last paragraph I read that made me stop and ponder. A few questions came to mind that I’m still mulling over. They were:
1,What has God called me to do?
2, Am I doing it?
3, Will I do it and finish it well?

I think these are some of the hardest questions to answer! They are similar to the age old questions, Who Am I and What Am I Here For? I felt compelled by the Lord to just sit down and write a list of all my dreams and the things I desire to do in my life. Granted, some of them are just my own desires but I have no doubt that some are really inspired by God and are things He will accomplish through me in my lifetime. As I reread my list I realized that there were a few big dreams. I think that ‘normally’ you’d have one large goal in your life that you are working towards… I had roughly 5 large goals J It looked like a good list, but who knows what will actually happen! I wonder if the Lord sensed the doubt in my heart and decided to remind me of this situation, one of my proudest moments in missions.

The majority of the outreach team had been hanging out in ‘The Fellowship Hut’ at the Iris Ministry compound in Pemba, Mozambique. We were all chatting away to friends as we finished up our evening supper of rice and beans. As I look around the hut, I see a few women gathered around Hailey, my one-on-one (Mentee). As I wonder what they are all so intrigued about, I slowly make my way closer to hear what she’s talking about. I overhear her sharing her vision and desires of what she will do after her Discipleship Training School. After spending 3 months meeting with Hailey and discipling her weekly, I’m so excited to hear that she is pursuing what God has next for her in life. It’s been an ever changing decision of what she wants to do with her life and what steps she should take next to accomplish it. After imparting these words to her many times in our one-on-one’s, I hear her say, ‘If you’re able to accomplish your dreams on your own, you’re not dreaming big enough!’ I was so touched hearing those words come out of her mouth. She may not have realized it, but in that moment I knew that God had allowed me to touch her life.

Remembering those precious moments in Pemba, I realize that I need to start taking my own advice more! I need to dream big with God and know that the dreams and desires He gives me are possible and I need to have more faith in the one who is giving them to me! Looking at my own, ‘Dream List’, it all seems possible now. No matter how big my dreams are, I’m working for the one who makes everything happen in His perfect timing! I can’t wait to look back on this list in 40 years and see all the things the Lord has checked off!


  1. This is so encouraging shells!! Thank you! I think i need to revisit some of my dreams!
    Love charissa

  2. Love the dream/goals List! I think it is so important to know what you are striving for and rely on God to accomplish things through you whether they be on your list or something you never thought you would be doing.