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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

'Home' is such a relative term

I found myself today calling Muizenberg (South Africa) home while I was home in Swaziland chatting with my mom. I’ve lived in South Africa for 4 years and when I leave I consider it to be home but now that I’m here in Swaziland with my family, I consider this place to be home as well. Now when people hear me speak and I clearly have an American accent, they get very confused when I say I’m from Swaziland. They always think America is my home, it must be because I sound American!

So, for me, trying to figure out where home is, is like trying to take people thru the journey of my life in 5 seconds… which is nearly impossible! Although Swaziland is considered home, it is home because my family lives here. Although South Africa is considered home, it is home because my spiritual family lives there. Although America is considered home, it is home because I was raised there.

I’ve heard sayings such as, ‘Home is where your heart is’ and other cheesy sayings you read in Hallmark cards. To a degree its true, and on the other hand it is also where you settle and have relationship and live life with Jesus and those around you! Home is where I laugh with ‘family’ and do ministry and watch people grow and experience crazy stuff with the Lord. Home will always be Swaziland and South Africa and America and where ever the Lord continues to take me.

For now, home is an in between state. I’m visiting my family in Swaziland for the holidays and then I’m off to England for at least 6 months for the School of Reconciliation and Justice with YWAM. No matter how much I consider these other countries to be home, I am even now, considering England to be home.

It’s strange what the Lord does with us. He tells us to leave our families and go to crazy parts of the world for the sake of the gospel and in that process brings us spiritual family and relationships so strong that we could face anything with them! I guess to me that is home, having those around me that I would consider to be family. So in that sense, no matter where I go, it will always be home because ‘family’ is always created around me… people that I love and trust and can confide in!

I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘home’ is both here and there, and where ever there is ‘family’.