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Monday, 2 January 2017


From working with prostitutes in Liverpool to high school students in Uganda, and tent revivals in Swaziland, November & December has been full of adventures!
Pearl's Project in Liverpool!
My first week with my new team was incredible! From team meetings to prayer & worship times to one on ones and getting to know the women we minister to--- it was a lot to take in but I can't wait to jump into it all again now that I'm back in the UK! We did a 'Give-Away Day' for the women! We set up this church with different stations of donated clothes, tea/coffee, delicious food, nail painting & foot massages!! The women really enjoyed themselves, opened up to us and shared where they were at in life and felt sooo loved by us & our Father God! Pray that the women continue to see how God is working in their lives and know how much He loves them!

Missions Trip to Uganda!
3 Church Services, 2 High schools, 1 Book Launch!
Rob and I had an amazing time with Dennis Sempebwa, Lisa Romesburg and Mary Njoki from Eagles Wings International in Uganda! We had the privilege of ministering in 2 different high schools, giving out 3,600 copies of 'Timeless Truths' that Dennis wrote in order to equip the next generation with tools to achieve their dreams and gain wisdom to effect every sphere of society with biblical principles! We also ministered in 3 services in a church in Kampala. It was incredible to see many give their lives to the Lord after hearing testimonies of what Jesus can do with your life! Many were delivered and set free from bondage and evil spiritual influences. Sounds a lot like Acts doesn't it!!! Here's the team at the main Christian Television station in Uganda! Dennis was interviewed about his book and we were able to watch it all on set!

Swaziland with my Family!
We had a lovely time visiting my family in Swaziland! For us, it was a time to rest, spend time with my wonderful family & friends and meaningfully connect with the Lord! England is a very fast paced culture so I welcomed this 2 week break! Catching up with old friends and having them meet Rob was so much fun!

TENT REVIVALS! My parents disciple almost 200 pastors in Swaziland and recently they bought a large tent in order for local pastors to do 'tent revivals'! A tent revival is where they set up this tent and sound system in a rural area of Swaziland for 1-2 weeks and every night they tell everyone about Jesus! As the week carries on, more and more people come because word spreads of what Jesus does in these meetings. Rob and I were asked to come speak and minister in whatever way the Lord leads us. It was an incredible opportunity to share our testimonies to nearly 300 people! We did an 'alter call' for the young people to come forward for those who want to receive the Holy Spirit and be empowered to live righteously and fulfil the calling God has on their lives and 120 young people came forward for prayer!!!
What's Next???
After a very exciting first Christmas with Rob's family here in the Wirral, I'm ready for a spectacular 2017! I can't wait to see what the Lord does in this next year--- There's a limitless amount of joys and adventures to be had!
My next adventure is taking me to YWAM in Wrexham, Wales to teach on a Discipleship Training School for a week on the topic of 'The Holy Spirit'. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to teach and I'm very expectant of what the Lord is going to do in us and through me in this week!!! Please be praying for me during this time, from January 8-13, that the Holy Spirit is free to do everything & all that He wants to in this time and that I teach the Word of God truthfully & accurately!
Thank you for all your encouragement, support, prayer and shared memories in this last year! It's such a privilege to be a part of the family of God and for us to do life together. It's be an honour to minister alongside many of you and to be praying with you and hearing testimonies from you of what the Lord has done all over the world!
Many thanks to those who have generously supported me financially over the last year! Because you have been open handed with what the Lord has blessed you with, I've been able to carry on the work the Lord has for me here in England and many other nations in this last year!!!
You're welcome to partner with me again OR for the first time in this next year! There are 2 ways you can be a part of what I'm doing here in England --- PRAY & GIVE ---
Pray--- wild, radical prayers of faith to see Jesus encounter the people I'm ministering to and those living here in England. Pray that I continue to be soft & sensitive to the Lord and what he wants to do and speak to those around me!
Give--- either a one time donation or become a monthly supporter!
All donations are tax-deductible for Americans and enable me to continue ministering the love, joy & salvation of the Lord w YWAM in the United Kingdom and many other nations!
I trust you had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and I pray that this NEW YEAR is full of joy, grace, favour and blessings from the Lord!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

SURPRISE! I'm Moving to Liverpool!

In mid November I'll be moving up to the Wirral to join a great team of people with YWAM Liverpool! As sad as it is to be leaving YWAM Harpenden after being here for 2 1/2 years, I'm really excited about this next season and all that the Lord is going to do with me! 

I'll be doing ministry with YWAM on a project called Pearls Project. The Pearls Project vision is to bring these beautiful women who are street sex workers and involved in addiction into a place of knowing their value in Christ and having a hope for their future. The team has already been loving & serving the women through visiting them and offering one to one support, by doing pamper nights & trips out, by helping them develop different life skills and by praying for them!
Jude, the team leader, has been investing into relationships with a lot of these women for years now! She has incredible stories of what God has done in the lives of these women and she's also had challenging times of asking the Lord for wisdom in what to do. I'm really looking forward to working alongside Jude and the other teammates to see how I can learn from them and minister the love of Christ to the women we meet with! 

Moving to Liverpool will also enable me to see Rob more often. Rob and I met over a year and a half ago and reconnected in June of this year. Rob visited the YWAM Harpenden base with a friend of his, to spend time with the Lord for a spiritual retreat. We have continued to get to know one another and try to see each other when we can, which is challenging because we are 4 hours apart! Rob is a co-pastor at his church and also owns a construction/plastering business. He is involved with missions through Eagle's Wings International which is a prophetic ministry to churches all around the world!

At the end of November, Rob and I along with a few others will be taking a missions trip to Uganda with Eagle's Wings International! I'm very excited to do prophetic ministry with them to multiple churches in Kampala, Uganda. I was able to be a part of their team last September when they were in England ministering to 4 different churches through a weekend conference, and I can't wait to see what the Lord does in our time in Uganda! I would greatly appreciate your prayers while we are out there from November 26 to December 6. After our missions trip, Rob and I will then spend 10 days with my family in Swaziland and have an early Christmas with them!

Over the years, the Lord has been so faithful in His provision for me as a full-time missionary for 10 years TODAY! Moving to a new city, my expenses will increase per month. Currently, I am able to live on roughly $400-$500 per month and I anticipate an increase in expenses of about $400 per month.
I am asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with me in what the Lord is doing through Pearls Project, as well as other ministries like this opportunity in Uganda. I am praying and asking the Lord to move in people's hearts to partner with me! I don’t want to limit God BUT I am praying for 20 people who can give just $20.00 per month. If you would like to be one of those people, check out the ways you can donate below!
Thank you for your interest in what the Lord is doing here in the UK, Europe, Africa and in the nations! I thank the Lord for your encouragement and partnership in seeing people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and believers being equipped for the work of the Kingdom!
Ways to Donate:
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Thursday, 2 June 2016


This one word basically sums up who I am as a human being.
It's a Danish word that doesn't exactly translate but 
the concept can be understood and felt deeply by those around you.

So the last couple months I've taken a few trips to Denmark and the Lord has been doing incredible things with me there and stirring my heart for what He's already doing! I've connected with old friends and made loads of new ones who all want to see the Kingdom of God released in a new and powerful way over their nation. It's been so encouraging every time I've gone as I see more pieces of the puzzle coming together and am seeing answers to prayers I've prayed coming together before my eyes!

This is a little story of an answer to prayer from my last trip!

In April, when I first went to Denmark, I met up with the YWAM Copenhagen team to encourage them, pray with them, get to know them and hear their vision of what the Lord was doing with their team in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. As we chatted and I heard of their long term vision to see Danes (Danish people) come to know Jesus through street evanglism and start up home churches from those who've received the Lord, it became abundantly clear that they needed more WORKERS! 
The harvest is sooo ripe and plentiful in Denmark, but they need people who are passionate and called to Copenhagen to join their team! So I did what I knew best, which is always to PRAY.  We probably spent at least 2 hours praying together for the Lord to bring the right people to join them... and a month later when I returned to Denmark, I met Nico.

  I met Nico through a friend at Hillsong church in Copenhagen and it was almost like I was hearing the words I had prayed a month earlier coming out of his mouth! Nico has just done his DTS and ONE MONTH EARLIER (when YWAM Copenhagen was praying for more people) the Lord spoke to Nico about pioneering YWAM Copenhagen and gave him a long term vision to be there, ministering, worshipping and telling people about Jesus! Even though Nico is Danish, he didn't even know that there was a team already in Copenhagen and so when he returned home from his DTS he was able to connect with them! He has vision to do another YWAM school to become more equipped and then return to Copenhagen and continue ministry there!

Nico is just one answer to the prayers we've been praying! 
{If you feel like you're called to Denmark too, I'd love to connect you with the team there!}

Now. This is why I shared that story with you. 
Because, I too, feel like the Lord is doing something with me & Denmark.
What exactly it is, I'm still figuring out, but it's gonna be awesome!

See, I was strolling down the High Street in Harpenden and mulling over what the Lord was doing because when I moved to England, I really felt that the Lord was calling me here long term and I don't believe this has changed, however, there's a bit of an unexpected twist--- this whole Denmark thing. As I'm chatting with the Lord about England and Denmark, He puts such a peace in my heart that yes, England is where I'm suppose to be and yes, there's things He's doing with me in Denmark. What all the practicalities look like, is really beyond me, but I know that my heart is to be open and obedient to what the Lord wants to do in both countries! This all collided for me as I noticed this little shop in town that I'd never been in even though I loved what I saw from the store front window. I finally took a minute and went inside and the first thing that drew my attention was this simple scented candle! 

To my complete surprise... {Hygge} was scripted on the front of this candle!

This lovely little shop, Mint Velvet, had been started by 3 English women who had based their fashion designs off of Danish style! I felt like it was a little something from the Lord to assure me that some how these two nations are connected and I'm to be a part of it in some way! In my excitement of the Lord speaking in the little things and how much this concept really hits home for me... I shared it with some close friends of mine this afternoon! Once we finished up together and were walking back to the car, past Mint Velvet, we decided to pop in so I could show them what I had been talking about! Little did I know that they had conspired to buy me this beautiful {Hygge} candle! What a blessing to have a God & friends who care about the little things in life, that all come together to create a giant lifelong adventure!


The Danish art of building a sanctuary of cosiness, 
stirring the senses & appreciating the simple things in life ~ uncomplicated & beautiful

Be a part of my many adventures with the Lord by
praying for me and supporting me financially!
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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I Reached For The Mic!

This afternoon in our ministry staff meeting, I reached for the mic! Now for most of you this may not seem like anything big but for me it was a huge step! It's only hours later that I realise the action I made was evidence of freedom from fear that I've walked in for the majority of my life!

For many years I'd struggled with fear of microphones, public speaking and not wanting to make mistakes and certainly not when they'd be projected to multitudes of people! 

About six months ago I was at a conference and we prayed through some strongholds of fear and made the conscious choice to walk out of fear and into more freedom with Jesus! I felt something shift in my spirit and the last few months has been a journey towards what that freedom looks like practically! I sincerely believe that when I reached for that microphone this afternoon, it was my body submitting to the freedom my spirit received and finally had the opportunity to manifest physically in my life! 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

First Newsletter in 8 years!

I've been in 'overseas' missions for 8 years now and I've finally wrote a newsletter! Hhehee--- that's right, IT'S ABOUT TIME!

The Lord has given me such a deep desire to see His Spirit released over the UK and to see this nation transformed through the power of prayer & love!

Here are a few stories of what I've been doing here. There's a boatload more testimonies of God's goodness, faithfulness and divine opportunities to share Jesus Christ with people, (but those will be coming later!)

Click here to read the Super Cool Jesus Stories!

Be Encouraged!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

'Home' is such a relative term

I found myself today calling Muizenberg (South Africa) home while I was home in Swaziland chatting with my mom. I’ve lived in South Africa for 4 years and when I leave I consider it to be home but now that I’m here in Swaziland with my family, I consider this place to be home as well. Now when people hear me speak and I clearly have an American accent, they get very confused when I say I’m from Swaziland. They always think America is my home, it must be because I sound American!

So, for me, trying to figure out where home is, is like trying to take people thru the journey of my life in 5 seconds… which is nearly impossible! Although Swaziland is considered home, it is home because my family lives here. Although South Africa is considered home, it is home because my spiritual family lives there. Although America is considered home, it is home because I was raised there.

I’ve heard sayings such as, ‘Home is where your heart is’ and other cheesy sayings you read in Hallmark cards. To a degree its true, and on the other hand it is also where you settle and have relationship and live life with Jesus and those around you! Home is where I laugh with ‘family’ and do ministry and watch people grow and experience crazy stuff with the Lord. Home will always be Swaziland and South Africa and America and where ever the Lord continues to take me.

For now, home is an in between state. I’m visiting my family in Swaziland for the holidays and then I’m off to England for at least 6 months for the School of Reconciliation and Justice with YWAM. No matter how much I consider these other countries to be home, I am even now, considering England to be home.

It’s strange what the Lord does with us. He tells us to leave our families and go to crazy parts of the world for the sake of the gospel and in that process brings us spiritual family and relationships so strong that we could face anything with them! I guess to me that is home, having those around me that I would consider to be family. So in that sense, no matter where I go, it will always be home because ‘family’ is always created around me… people that I love and trust and can confide in!

I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘home’ is both here and there, and where ever there is ‘family’.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Many & The Few

There are many and there are few.

There are many that have passed through my life. Many that I have loved and mentored and many that have influenced my life for a season. It has been a privilege to impact these lives that the Lord has brought across my path. Many have gone in and out of my life and although that takes a toll on my heart, it is a joy that is inexpressible! The joy of seeing lives transformed and people radically changed from the love of Christ!

There are also the few who stay in my life. The few who are consistent and dedicated to the process of understanding this friendship that the Lord has put us in no matter where we end up. These are the ones who are known by me and know who I am and I am grateful for these deep friendships that I've been blessed with! Although these few may not always be in my current surroundings, they will always be in my heart and that's when you know that you've made a friend for life.

With the many, you always say goodbye and hope to stay in touch BUT with the few, you can say goodbye knowing that the friendship will carry on no matter what.