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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I Reached For The Mic!

This afternoon in our ministry staff meeting, I reached for the mic! Now for most of you this may not seem like anything big but for me it was a huge step! It's only hours later that I realise the action I made was evidence of freedom from fear that I've walked in for the majority of my life!

For many years I'd struggled with fear of microphones, public speaking and not wanting to make mistakes and certainly not when they'd be projected to multitudes of people! 

About six months ago I was at a conference and we prayed through some strongholds of fear and made the conscious choice to walk out of fear and into more freedom with Jesus! I felt something shift in my spirit and the last few months has been a journey towards what that freedom looks like practically! I sincerely believe that when I reached for that microphone this afternoon, it was my body submitting to the freedom my spirit received and finally had the opportunity to manifest physically in my life!